About My Science Toys (MST)

           MST was formed with a vision to create future inventors. Science learnt solely from text books can be boring and may even lead a child to believe that its purely for geeks and nerds. We here at MST want to change that notion completely and want kids to learn science in a smart hands on method. Science is usually perceived to be complex and full of abstract theories, whereas the word "toys" reminds one of pleasant memories and fun. MST has kits, experiments and toys that are educational but more importantly are fun to play with. We strongly believe that one doesn't have to be an Einstein but just need to come up with small scientific inventions that can change the world someday. All major advancements in science that are considered so complex to even understand today like electricity, aviation were once simple thoughts in the minds of inventors just a few years back. MST wants science to be learnt in a fun way with an emphasis on foundations of this wonderful subject. MST has partnered with leading suppliers of quality science toys across the globe. We aspire to bring only the best toys in the realm of science and technology.