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The kit includes Foundation level + Beginner level series for curriculum based learning

Total of 24 robot toys; Foundation level has 15 & Beginner level has 9 

2 Colorful 100+ page manuals containing step by step instructions 


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Save Considerable time and effort Learn easily to make different robot models. We offers robot building kits for beginners to start learning robotics without any programming. Progress in robotics has changed kids’ toys and makes it easier for kids to learn about robotics. Even adults would love to own one of these interesting kits.

Kit contains

  • 72 Blocks
  • 35 Frame/Adapters
  • 50 Shafts/Bushes and 1 Spanner
  • 18 Gear and Wheels
  • 40 Caterpillars
  • 2 Rubber Frames
  • 1 Main board - Non Programmable
  • 2 DC Motors
  • 1 Remote Control (R/C) Receiver
  • 1 Remote Controller
  • 2 Touch Sensors
  • 3 IR Sensors
  • 1 Speaker Board
  • 1 6V Battery Case

In addition to the 15 Robots that can be made using the Foundation level manual the following robots can be built using the step by step manual

Beginner Level Robot 1 - Mini Tank

Mini Tank Robot

Beginner Level Robot 2 - Duckling

Duckling Robot


Beginner Level Robot 3 - Power Spin

Power Spin Robot 


Beginner Level Robot 4 - Sumo-Bot

 Sumo—Bot Robot


Beginner Level Robot 5 - Skier Man

 Skier Man Robot


Beginner Level Robot  6 - Huna-E

 Huna—E Robot


Beginner Level Robot 7 - Line Tracer Train

 Line Tracer Train Robot


Beginner Level Robot 8 - Target Shooting Game With Gun

 Target Shooting Game With Gun Robot


Beginner Level Robot 9 - Car and Car key

 Car and Car key Robot


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