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Age 7+

7 Experiments involving Robots and Gyroscopes

Build a humanoid robot that can hold its own balance using the principle of gyroscope. Have you ever wondered if you can build a robot that can walk. Now you will be surprised that this humanoid robot can go a step further and even balance itself on a rope. Yes you can build a robot that can perform rope walking stunts.

Watch the video on our facebook page Rope walking Robot

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    With this small humanoid robot design kit you can build and play with gyro balancing robot in many different ways. You can build a robot with a motor driven gyro who can hold its balance all by himself. You can even let him walk on a tight rope. Looks fabulous. 

    The kit includes a colored manual to perform the following fun experiments in Robotics

    Experiment 1: Gyro Robot 

    Experiment 2: Gyro Compass -

    Experiment 3: Gyrorector

    Experiment 4: Segway

    Experiment 5: Rope Walker

    Experiment 6: Balance Game

    Experiment 7: Flight Simulator


    Watch the video on our facebook page Rope walking Robot

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